Find the fuel tank of the vehicle or generator. If you have a skip plate, have an authorized mechanic show you where the fuel tank is.

If there are two fuel tanks, you will need two R.E.D. Teslagram devices.  

Make sure that you have the correct R.E.D Teslagram for your vehicle depending on whether it is petrol, diesel or LPG.

Before putting the sticker on the tank, note the smell coming from the exhaust.  Most cars will have a distinct smell of gasoline coming out from the tailpipe. 

The R.E.D Teslagram, when next to unleaded fuel starts to work in 30 seconds to neutralize toxins in the fuel.  This is done before combustion, not after like catalytic converters or other post combustion devices.
Place the R.E.D. Teslagram (numbered) sticker on the fuel tank. To secure the sticker, place the other sticker ( provided in the package) over the centre of the R.E.D Teslagram and press firmly. 


In some cases you may need to place an additional strip of duct tape for added reinforcement.

Most cars will experience a slight lowering of the idle instantly.  After revving the engine for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, observe the quality of the exhaust from the tailpipe. There should be mostly water vapour coming out and steam-like smell.  Now your emissions are greatly reduced and in time, as your engine cleans out accumulated deposits, your gas mileage will improve along with an increase in engine life.  The  R.E.D. Teslagram will help your engine run with lower emissions, possibly even 0.0 while increasing power and performance noticeably.  Increase in power and performance will be seen right away.

We have tested on over 1000 cars, trucks and internal combustion engines. 
The average increase in fuel economy is 5%+.
In some cases, if you have a car with a computerized system, you may need to disconnect the battery for 15 seconds after applying the product.  This will allow your computer system to reset and give you more accurate readings. Once applied do not remove the R.E.D Teslagram as this will damage the product.