How does this work? 
On the principles of Quantum Mechanics we affect the gasoline at the sub-atomic level.


How long will it last? 
On the principles of Quantum Mechanics we affect the gasoline at the sub-atomic level.


How do I put it on? 
It is simple, just peel the backing off the hologram and attach to the gas tank underneath the car. See INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.


Will it interfere with my engine?

Once the R.E.D. Teslagram is applied you may see an immediate increase in power and performance.

Will I get better gas mileage? 
Our studies have shown the average increase on fuel economy is about 5% +.


Will it affect the way my car runs? 
Absolutely. R.E.D. Teslagram will help your engine run with lower emissions, possibly even 0.0 while noticeably increasing power and performance.


Will it stay on the gas tank? 
Yes if the fuel tank is clean. We use a special glue designed to stick to the tank. If the tank is dirty or greasy we suggest using a piece of duct tape for reinforcement.


How Many stickers do I need for a semi-truck? 
TWO. One for each gas tank.


Can I use it on my motorbike? 
Yes. Our product is designed to work with all sizes of vehicle, diesel, propane and unleaded. 


Has any EPA approved testing facility verified any of the claims on R.E.D. Teslagram
Yes. The California Environmental Engineering Lab performed a series of tests producing results never seen before at the Lab for aftermarket emission reducing devices.  


Will it harm my engine warranty like gas additives, computer upgrade chips or performance parts? 
NO.  It is very much like a bumper sticker in that there are no moving parts, harmful chemicals or any modification done to the tank, engine, exhaust and/or computer. For United States customers we refer to the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act that addresses aftermarket warranty issues.